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Welcome to my web page. The information provided in this site is mostly related to the topics of my interest. This is my first web page and it's really high time, that I should have a web page lot earlier than this. Finally I have decided to make one.  This is all about the construction of my web site. It really took me a lot of time to put this page up. The reason is my lack of interest in this field. But, now I'm looking out to present all my views on my site, things would move faster.
                                      My interest and thoughts mostly revolve in the surroundings of physics and science subject. Here, I would try to provide as much information as I can in the science related topics. My music page will definitely be interesting to all those who are die hard fans of music. This page will provide information regarding various singers. I would say that my web page will get better day after day with your feedback. Many new topics and latest trends in the field of science will be brought to you. My psychology page will definitely help you understand your problems. This site will also give you information regarding various other things which I find interesting in my miscellaneous page which will be up soon.
              Updates on various issues regarding sports, science, music and various other things will also be done at a regular basis. Any new suggestions regarding the site design and any faults or errors you have experienced while visiting my website, You are welcome to send me a mail regarding those issues. My e-mail id you will find in  About me page. The main reason for me to put up this web page is to share my thoughts with all those people who are interested in the topics which I like. I have presented some technical papers at inter college, national level paper presentations. Even the information which I have gathered from different sites and my own views on those topics will also be put up. I would be very happy if all those who are visiting my web site now, would mind to make a visit again.

                          All the information provided in the Research page are my own views and theories. So, if you have any queries or if you won't agree with some point, you are welcome to give your own thoughts and I would be happy if you can mail regarding your view on that particular issue. To be frank, I am a serious thinker regarding life and also astro physics. You would definitely find my psychology page interesting. All my friends web pages and their other sites links are their in my links page.  I am also interested in computers, so you will find some interesting things regarding computers in future on this site. I will put up the information relating to computers in my computers page in future.