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Music Page

Music is the best remedy for any kind of disease. I would rather put it this way, In this high tech and fast paced society where people are too busy with their work fall back to music to get some relief. I love music and probably you all would know after going through this music page. Music is the universal language and it binds the people with it's divine presence. When ever I feel bored or down with short of confidence, I just fall back to music to get my confidence. Music is certainly a source inspiration to everyone and also the best entertainment we could ever get.

                           In this page I concentrated on individual singers describing about them. I am also thinking about providing  lyrics  to some of the songs. One thing I could say about this page is that it will get better and better everyday with some midis and mp3's for download in the near future. If any one of you visiting this page want to share some information regarding the singers. I would appreciate if they do so by sending a mail regarding that particular singer. Many more singers are going to come into the list. Do visit this page again. My mail-id is 


E N G L I S H   S I N G E R S   


Backstreet Boys


I N D I A N   S I N G E R S

Latha Mangeshkar