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The Beatles too good to forget......

Although the Beatles disbanded nearly 3 decades ago, public interest has never waned. Their careers have been played and replayed, analyzed and celebrated. Despite the books and tribute bands sprung up, they have always maintained a stoic silence. Beatles records still sell in their millions world wide. Now a days we find thousands and millions of sites dedicated to Beatles describing about their history and several mp3's and midis for download. Beatles books pour from publishing houses and stories about John, Paul, George and Ringo continue to make headlines. These are the fabulous four which attracted  the world with their music for years and will continue to do it in the years to come.

                     It is an indication of the group's enduring fascination that the 'BEATLES MONTHLY', a 48-page glossy fan magazine published in London, carries at least 12 pages of Beatles news in every issue. Now, I don't have the information regarding the present condition of this magazine. I very would be happy if some one who knows about this magazine would inform me about it's present condition through mail. My mail-id is

              Since the Liverpool boys went their separate ways, the career of the Beetles has been endlessly replayed, analyzed and celebrated. Among the best known from around the world are Det Beatles from Norway, Clube Big Beatles from Brazil, Lenny Pane from Sweden, Museum from Kazakhstan, Backwards from Slovakia, Liverpool from the United States and the Bootleg Beatles from England. There is even a George Harrison tribute band called "Hare Georgeson". Many of them have now played more concerts than Beatles. Now a days we have Annual Beatles conventions where the things related to Beatles are sold. People from all over the world come to buy things related to Beatles. Many of the fans at these conventions will be collectors either of memorabilia or of Beatle merchandise, Best-selling items in every convention of Beatle fest catalogue include Beatles telephones, a Yellow Submarine shirt, candles and calendars. Serious collectors who are willing to pay anything from 700 pounds sterling for autographs to 160,000 pounds sterling for lyrics (the price for a copy of "She's Leaving Home") attend pop sales organized by auction houses such as sothbey's and christie's where over 30 per cent of the lots are normally Beatle-related. The first Beatles convention was the American Beatle fest started by Mark Lapidos in 1974. It now takes place annually in New York, Chicago and Los Angles and attracts more than 20,000 fans.

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                Beatles still continues to be one of the legends in Music history and will continue forever.

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