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  About Me

My Graduation Pic at USC.

My name is Srikanth Ranganamyna, and I am 19 years old. I was born on 14,May,' 82 (my sun sign is Taurus). My e-mail id is I live in Hyderabad, one of the coolest places in the state. I get to learn many new things and also enjoy myself in this city. 

I am doing computer science engineering in Sree Nidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST). I am in 3rd year now and still need two more years to graduate. I did my schooling in several schools. I did my kinder garten in Warangal Public School. I did my 9th and 10th stanadard from Mother's High School. I did my college(11th and 12th standard) from Nalanda Junior College. The years I spent in my School and College, the incidents that took place during those years were the ones which I remember the best till today. I did my Schooling from 1985 - 1997 and Junior college from 1997 - 1999.

I have two brothers. We all play together and have fun. My younger brother name is Amarkanth and he is doing his engineering in computer science and information technology in C.V.R.College of Engineering and Technology. He is 17 years old and doing his first year in engineering. He is basically a fun loving guy and also a good friend and brother of mine. My second younger brother is in 9th standard. He is 14 years old and always challenges me that he is the best in computers or in any field with which I am concerned.

This web page is up due to the help provided by my friends and especially one guy, Karthik, who is one of my best friends did a lot of help in getting this page up. The site logo is designed by Varun who is karthik's brother and some technical support in html by Ganeshan who is again my friend.

 My Hobbies/Interests       


I love music and I am a great fan of it. My favorite Boy Bands are BackStreet Boys, Boyzone, Beatles, N-sync, Westlife, Five. Some of the other Bands Which I like are Abba, Alabama, Ace of Base, Eagles, The Corrs, Venga Boys. Some of my favourite individual singers are Kishore Kumar, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Christina Aguielera, Bryan Adams, Madonna, Michael Jackson. Well actually there are many other singers whom I listen to apart from the singers I have described. some of the songs which I think are the best are "Nothing's Gonna change my love for you", "Hotel California". As soon as I come from my college back to home, it'll be around 6.00 pm. I turn to music and I enjoy every bit of it. No matter how much stressed I am at the college listening to some good and even some boring classes, all the stress vanishes once I turn on my music system. You can have more information about the singers and bands to whom I listen to in my music page.


I like action, thriller and sci-fiction movies. Some of my favorite movies are Steven Spielberg's Back to the future trilogy, Jet lee's Tai chi master. I also like John Woo's films like Face Off, the Die Hard trilogy, MI - 2. I really appreciate the fantastic ideas in creating the movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes.   


I'm a big fan of astro physics and anything which is related with any kind of physics like nuclear physics or quantum mechanics or psychology. I like to think about the reasons for every action occurring on the universe. like why a boomerang is coming back?, which laws defines it's motion?. Currently I am working on or rather studying Quantum Computers. I make my own observations related to the existence of the universe. I like Stephen W Hawking's book A brief history of time. I spend most of my time thinking or having wild imagination towards any problem I come across. I'll be interested in making friendship with those who have a liking towards physics.


I like to have fun listening to mp3's on my pc. I like assembly language and I'm learning it right now. I always want to make some software which is useful for others. But I am not great at computers right now. I guess may be one day I shall do it. My engineering field is computers, so I guess updating my knowledge in this field and also informing others would be good.


My other interests include playing games on computers, reading books, watching TV. The games which I like are Unreal Tournment, Quake III, Super Chick.