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Psychology Page


          This page will give you some information regarding the various aspects of life and also the possible reasons for the actions which take place in our daily life. The content provided on this page is purely based on my thoughts and some of the past experiences I had. Some of the explanations could be from books or from some other sites which I find interesting. If you have any problems do send me an e-mail regarding that I will try to find the solution if I can and I will put up the solution on this site.

About Ghosts

         It will be really interesting to find out what will happen to those who are dead ?. Will these dead people come back to life. If someone asks you Whether you have seen any one who is dead and took rebirth. We hear different stories from different people. Some say dead people become Ghosts. The moment some one talks about ghosts, we tend to listen to them with some interest. This is because no one actually has an idea about, what these are and how they look like. It is out of curiosity we read stories about ghosts. Well some people even say that a person is killed by a ghost, if someone happens to be dead, in the place where a person is murdered or an accidental death occurs. 

         The actual reason what I think is that when ever a person is killed in a place or an accidental death occurs. What happens actually is that, an energy blocking occurs at the place of incident. What I mean when I say energy blocking is that, when a person is killed or when a person dies at a place, the energy associated with that person will leave his body. This energy stays at the place of incident. The whole universe is nothing but a huge source of energy. Each time there will an interaction between various objects of this universe. For example when we go for a walk on a stormy day. We will notice that wind pushes us back if we walk against wind and if we walk in the direction it helps us to walk even faster. 

         Now this happens because there is an interaction between two energies that of a person and that of the wind. That's the reason why we feel that wind is pushing us back or forward or ... whatever. That's exactly what happens when someone says that he is actually touched by a dead person when he was moving in the place where an incident of death occurred. What I mean to say is that there are many people who are susceptible to these weak forces. When these people move around the places where incidents have took place. These people experiences a slight change in their normal behavior coz they are susceptible to these weak forces. So, they say that a ghost has called them or they have heard someone calling them. They also go to the extent of saying that a ghost tried to kill them when they were moving from that place.

          Strictly speaking it's the psyche of people which matters. Here comes the concept of thinking. The way we are brought up and also the kind of explanation our elders give about ghosts etc. These are some of the reasons why we think ghosts exist. When we talk about ghosts, different people interpret in different ways. what remains the same is the fact what we are talking about something which does not exist. some people talk about aliens and some people talk about dead people coming to life and so on. what is obvious is again how the psyche is affected when we our elders say about these things in our childhood. We try to have some predefined assumptions and notions regarding them. 

          Finally I leave the question to you that "Have you seen a ghost in real life?", if you have seen it do tell me bout that I would be interested to know about it. 

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